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Usui System of Reiki Natural Healing “Unity of Self Through Harmony and Balance”


Reiki translated, means “universal life force or energy” (“rei” = universal, “ki” = energy). Thought to be rooted in Tendai Buddhist practice, it was re-established in Japan in the late 1800’s by Mikao Usui. Reiki is a form of healing which flows through a practitioner’s hands after receiving a series of “attunements” passed from a teacher of Reiki, (called a Reiki Master), to the student. Mikao Usui This process enables universal energy or “ki” to be directed from the practitioner to the recipient to support energetic clearing and the student’s journey and healing. It is for anyone, of any faith, with no specific religious doctrine attached. The path of becoming a Reiki attuned student and a Reiki Master, is open to anyone wishing to learn. In fact, it is a deeply spiritual unfolding path, offering each individual the chance to re-awaken to their own truth through self awareness and developing their abilities to heal themselves and others.


Being able to tap into this wonderful healing energy at any time is an amazing resource to be able to give to yourself and others, including your loved ones, plants and animals. Receiving Reiki regularly helps you feel more connected to your spiritual self and to your soul’s purpose, as well as restoring peace and balance within, thereby reducing stress and creating harmony for healing to take place. Reiki is now being used alongside other more conventional treatments, both allopathic and complimentary to achieve optimum health.


Your first visit includes a short consultation where you will also have an opportunity ask any questions and I explain what the treatment involves. Reiki is a ‘clothes on’ healing modality usually received lying down on a couch but can be adapted to people with mobility issues by sitting in a chair. The Reiki energy flows through the practitioner’s hands to the areas where healing is needed, therefore rarely do two treatments feel the same. During the session, you may experience heat changes, tingling sensations, see colours or feel energy shifting. Most people feel a deep sense of calm, inner peace and relaxation after their session. For some it is a chance to acknowledge and express feelings and emotions too, as the Reiki has often cleared blocked energy to aid the healing process.


A regular Reiki session helps to maintain a sense of well-being and re-balances the body and mind and helps alleviate stress. Some clients come with a specific problem or issue that they need help with and having regular Reiki sessions can help to resolve them. Each individual is different but you can discuss your needs in the initial appointment and work out what suits you and how many treatments you need. You might also like to learn how to give Reiki to yourself and others so I also offer Reiki training.



Initial Consultation/followed by reiki treatment x 1hr. 30 mins. £50
Reiki Treatment x 1hr. £40
Reiki Healing for Animals by donation to cover expenses


Reiki I

This is the first step on the Reiki path enhancing self-discovery which focuses on self-healing and offering Reiki to others. Many people who receive the Reiki I attunements do so for their own personal development but enjoy sharing so much that they feel inspired to continue their learning to Reiki II and further, depending on their process. It can work wonderfully with other therapies too, so you may like to add it to your skill set.

I teach Reiki I, known as the First Degree (Japanese = ‘Shoden’), as an intensive training over a period of a day on a 1-1 basis in order to deliver a high quality of teaching and adapt training to your own individual needs. But I will offer training to small groups of individuals if you wish to come with a friend, partner or relative to share your day with someone close upon request.

Level I consists of receiving the four attunements required for the Reiki I training enabling you to practice on yourself, family and friends. The day consists of working through your Reiki I Instruction manual containing Reiki’s history and it’s principles; descriptions of the body’s anatomy and energy centre’s (or chakras); details of the hand placements for self-healing and treating others and doing practical meditations including, grounding and balancing the chakras. You will receive all four attunements into your hands from me, practice all hand placements for self-healing and giving Reiki healing and receive a Reiki healing from me. We will discuss the suggested x 21 Day Cleansing Process following your attunements and a certificate will be presented on completion of your day.

Time: 10am-5.00pm Cost: £160.00 Deposit: £100 Venue: Wimborne, Dorset. (Training is also available in Chelmsford, Essex and Newport, Wales.)

This price includes all training material, all drinks and refreshments for the day, plus a follow up x 30 minute review session by telephone, email or Skype following the x 21 day cleansing process.

Reiki II

Reiki II is for practicing Reiki on a professional basis although you may wish to do this as part of your own developmental process. Available as a day’s intensive training again on a 1-1 basis or for small groups i.e. friends, family, partners (upon request). Reiki II, known as the Second Degree (Japanese = ‘Okuden’), focuses upon introducing you to the three symbols used predominantly in a Reiki treatment with knowledge of their practical applications. You will learn how to draw them and commit them to memory through practical exercises, including how to give Reiki for mental/emotional and distant healing. You will receive your Reiki II attunements; learn the importance of creating the right atmosphere to give a treatment; learn tips for developing your psychic awareness and the understand the concepts of ‘scanning’, ‘beaming’ and the ‘reiki shower’ covered in your manual. We will discuss Reiki Practitioner Ethics and what you will need to start practicing on a professional basis, including insurance and doing an Initial Consultation form. At the end of this day, you will have a clear mandate of practice for your path ahead.

Pre-requisite for the Reiki II : Reiki I with some practice of giving full treatments to others and completion of the x 21 Day Cleansing Process.

Time: 10am-5.00pm Cost: £180.00 Deposit: £90 Venue: Wimborne, Dorset. (Training is also available in Chelmsford, Essex and Newport, Wales.)

This price includes all training material, all drinks and refreshments for the day, plus a follow up x 30 minute review session by telephone, email or Skype.

Reiki III/Master Healer and Reiki IV/Master Teacher (Japanese=‘Shinpiden’)

The path to becoming a Reiki Master is in two stages. Some teachers attune individuals who wish to receive the Master’s attunement and teaching but do not want to pass the attunements and training process onto others. I offer the complete Reiki III/IV Master teaching over three days but allow for individuals to come and just do Reiki III as part of their process to see if they feel ready and wish to commit to Master Teacher level.

Reiki III/Master Healer

This is covered in a day and is the next step to continuing on your path to Reiki Master Teacher, following your practice of Reiki on self and others for at least a year. The day consists of a short review of the Reiki I and II teachings, including giving full treatments, short treatments, self-treatments, mental and distant healing and the ‘reiki shower’. We will look at the ‘Gessho’ (hands in front of heart) meditation and ‘Reiju Empowerment’ process and you will be introduced to the Master symbol to learn and work with. As I have also been attuned as a Seichem Reiki Master, we will also look at the Seichem Reiki symbols and their uses for you to learn. I ask for five case studies as part of your preparation for this course and we will review of a minimum of two of these. We will also look at the Reiki Master’s role and commitment to on-going self-development, self-care and personal spiritual practice.

Time: 10am-5.00pm Cost: £200 Deposit: £100 Venue: Wimborne, Dorset.

This price includes all training material, all drinks and refreshments for the day, plus a follow up x 60 minute review session in person, via telephone or Skype.

Pre-requisite for Reiki III/Master Healer : Reiki II with up to a year’s practice of giving Reiki to others and x 5 written case studies.

Reiki IV/Master Teacher

I offer the Master Teacher Training over two days where we will look at the process of passing attunements and teaching Reiki to others. This will include presentation of Reiki training material included in the manuals; the teaching structure of a Reiki I and Reiki I training; creating sacred space; preparing yourself and your students prior to attunement; offering an invocation; working with the Antahkarana symbol; understanding the use of the Hui Yin point in passing attunements and practice of the Microcosmic Orbit meditation. You will give and receive Reiju empowerment; receive the master attunement and practice passing the Reiki attunements. On completion of the above you will receive your Reiki Master Teacher Certificate.

Pre-requisite for Reiki IV/Master Teacher: Reiki III

Time: x 2 Days (not necessarily together) 10am-5.00pm Cost: £350.00 Deposit: £175.00 Venue: Wimborne, Dorset.


Advanced Reiki Practitioner Training Days available for on-going learning and developing psychic awareness. Cost is £75 per person per day (includes vegan lunch). Held in Wimborne.

Available on 1-1 basis or in small group). Please email if interested.

It is helpful if you can prepare for you’re the training by simplifying your lifestyle, diet and alcohol intake to support your process.

I am also open to energy exchange and bartering of skills, time and energy for my teaching.

For all enquiries, email or call 079000 65509.

“I was looking for someone to assist me on my spiritual journey and Lisa was definitely able to help me. She has an amazing level of knowledge and learning about spiritual development and her teaching provided an outcome more than I could have hoped for. She is a great teacher and is also warm, funny and friendly. Thank you very much”. Nicky G

The Five Reiki Principles

Just for today
Do not anger

Just for today
Do not worry

Honour your parents, teachers and elders

Earn your living honestly

Show gratitude to every living thing