Lisa Bridge

Lisa Bridge

I originate from rural Essex but currently reside in Dorset. Like many people, there were places of trauma as a child that became part of my make-up but after an accident in my early 20’s, I became very ill with a post-viral fatigue type illness, re-occurring back pain, fibromyalgia, and PTSD symptoms. I developed an interest in alternative therapies through my search for healing due to my sensitivity to conventional medications and I learnt to practice Meditation on a regular basis.

In my 20’s, I worked in the care sector but also practiced reflexology and ‘On-Site Massage’, which was designed for relieving stress in the work place. I began exploring the alternative dance scene to find a way to be able to enjoy exercise in a more mindful manner and I always liked yoga but couldn’t sustain attending a regular class. Through the dance, I found a way to move with my body and pain, rather than going against it. This exploration deepened when I travelled to Ireland in 2000 to train as a teacher in ‘Dancing The Rainbow’ qualifying in 2002. This holistic movement and dance practice uses the chakras (the body’s energy centres) as a framework for exploring creativity and self-expression and healing.

I began teaching alternative dance workshops in the community and at festivals whilst raising my son and also explored artistic expression. This led to the painting of my stones, chronicling my own healing journey and these later translated into my Power Stone Cards. I later added other alternative therapies, including Reiki and began giving treatments and readings from home. I completed my Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Masters over the next five years. I still give this to myself on most days even if it’s for five minutes each day and offer teaching to those wishing to learn how to use Reiki for their health and well-being and treating others, if they choose. I am also attuned to the Rahanni Celestial Healing modality and have completed courses in aura and crystal work.

I also found healing through immersing myself in nature and taking inspiration from the land, sacred sites, shamanic perspectives and learning how to honour the land with using the old sacred and tribal ways. I have always been interested in spirituality and aspects from many religions inspire my work but earth based spirituality floats my boat! I think there is a close relationship between healing ourselves and the body and how this relates to the collective healing of our planet and understanding how we can take more responsibility for our actions through compassion for ourselves and others to execute a positive change.

My personal journeywork has also included studying Sacred Sexuality pathways for balancing and healing the Divine Feminine and Masculine within; cellular memory and karmic release work; shamanic journey work and healing with Reiki Drum Technique, plus sharing in circles and study groups. I also work with adults with learning difficulties on a regular basis and am writing a manual to assist those wishing to learn how to use the Power Stone Cards for personal journeying and soul growth.

In 2019 I completed a Shamanic Trance Dance Practitioner Training with Leo Rutherford to add to my teaching 7th Ray Dance.

Email seventhrayarts@live.co.uk if you wish to join the mail out and be kept informed of events.

Gratitude and thanks to all the amazing and inspiring teaching I have received so far in my life from many the many visionary people lighting the way and a special thank you to my dance teachers, Lani O’Hanlon and Antoinette Spillane, who encouraged my own creative unfolding. Their wisdom and words are set in my soul like jewels in a crown always reminding me how to teach with integrity and heart. I will honour Antoinette’s memory, in every dance altar set.

There are too many resources to mention but feel free to ask me what books deeply inspire my learning and the above process.

Bright Blessings upon the Sisters and the Brothers who inspire us on this journey and continue to share their experience, strength, wisdom and hope teaching with authenticity and heartfelt love.

Lisa B

“Love is the warrior’s sword; wherever it cuts, it gives life, not death” Dan Millman