7th Ray Dance provides opportunities to explore your own individual way of movement and free-style dance away from the formal concepts of performance and dance incorporating tools to deepen body/mind connection.

Elva dressed as a fairyI teach how to feel more fully connected to the body’s essence and wisdom. We often learn in our early years how to sit, stand and behave with restriction, not expression. Conforming to fit in or do as we are told often suppresses the body’s natural wisdom to move and listen to the soul’s desire to be seen, heard and witnessed. This can contribute to illness, depression and suppressed trauma. 7th Ray Dance offers the opportunity to explore more positive ways to explore and express our emotions constructively and find a way to move that awakens us to feeling more present and alive.

I have 30 years of working in the field of alternative health. I have been holding therapeutic dance workshops, classes and one-one sessions for over 17 years and bring the tools learned from my healing practice, such as working with meditation, sound, drumming and energy to enhance the body/mind connection through therapeutic movement. I am interested in the relationship we have within ourselves and the land, so earth wisdom and the old paths of learning reflect in my teaching as well holding the dance in a sacred space.

I completed my initial dance training in Ireland over two years in a holistic movement and dance practice called ‘Dancing The Rainbow’. This method of alternative dance uses the framework of the seven main chakras, or body’s energy centre’s, like yoga, to inform your practice. This philosophy overflows into many alternative healing practices and influences my work, hence the title 7th Ray Dance. I have followed and participated in many forms of dance over the years, including 5 Rhythms and Biodanza and more recently undertook the Trance Dance Practitioner course with Leo Rutherford from Eagles Wing Centre for Contemporary Shamanism.

7th Ray Dance provides opportunities to explore your own individual way of movement and free-style dance away from the formal concepts of performance and dance incorporating tools to deepen body/mind connection.


Events include learning tools for relaxation, meditation, working with the conscious breath, energy work, using sound and colour for healing, drumming, and working with visualisation and imagery, the spoken word and creative journaling. The depth of work depends upon the content and length of the class, course or workshop. Working with the body’s energy centres, their masculine and feminine archetypes, the elements and directions are also included but in much greater depth on my courses.

Music played is varied and global in content and helps focus on different areas of the body to deepen mind/body awareness through grounded dance practice. You will be taught how to learn to listen to your body’s inner wisdom and release tension on emotional and physical level. This requires working in a safe and nurturing environment away from harsh criticism or judgement of our selves or one another, so we always start with creating an altar, arriving ‘within’ and setting our intentions whilst being held in sacred space in order to honour ourselves and each other. This provides a place to feel supported individually and within the group. On a less intense level, some events are tailored to provide the opportunity to just come, dance and have fun away from the notions of the disco and for those who say “but I can’t dance!”.


  • Deeper sense of connection to self and others
  • Improved levels of fitness, muscle tone, flexibility and energy
  • Reduced levels of stress, pain and physical discomfort
  • Developing tools for spiritual development
  • Opportunities for regular meditation practice
  • Feeling more centred and aligned with purpose
  • Exploring tools for unlocking your creativity and self-expression
  • Relating to others more harmoniously
  • Living more in your authenticity
  • Experiencing more physical embodiment
  • Feeling happy with your own body
  • New friends and sharing of ideas and creativity
  • Deepening connection to earth and working in sacred space
  • Regular opportunities to dance and explore your freedom and have fun!!!
“Thank you so much for your dance workshop. I have enjoyed dancing with other groups before but this one felt so natural and I was completely in my comfort zone. I felt able to let myself go”. Julie W


7th Ray Dance Events - Regular opportunities for exploring all the above, incorporating creativity, ceremony, shamanic dance exploration, earth wisdom, spirituality, masculine and feminine divinity, self-expression, drumming, healing with sound - all held within sacred space.

Retreat Days – Day events for rejuvenation, relaxation, connection and an opportunity to learn how to restore harmony in body using meditation, movement and conscious dance.

Shamanic Trance Dance - Trance dance has been used by our Ancestors and cultures across the globe to access altered states of consciousness for healing, insight and to connect deeply with Source. Bringing together movement, with rhythm, healing sounds and a specific breathing techniques with the use of a blindfold, these workshops provide the opportunity to explore dance through an altered state of consciousness stimulating a trance state to access mental, physical and emotional and healing for spiritual awakening and connection to Source.

Visit EVENTS for details and keep up to date at Instagram - rainbow_shaman

If you are a group, festival, retreat or business wishing for me to hold a tailored conscious dance workshop please call me on 079000 65509 or email seventhrayarts@live.co.uk

One-to-one Therapeutic Dance Session

One-one sessions are tailored to your individual needs for a more focused approach in learning conscious movement and healing through dance and as a form of more embodied exercise. Available in person or via Skype. Other tools such as meditation, relaxation techniques and working with sound, colour and creativity can be included, if required. The aim of these sessions is to take a more active role in furthering physical, mental and emotional well-being with conscious connection to body and mind.

Costs: £35 per hour

Email seventhrayarts@live.co.uk or call 079000 65509 to book your session.

“The dance and movement elements offered a refreshing approach and I particularly appreciated the meditation session. The teaching style provided a balanced programme between activity and relaxation and demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of the subject. ” Joan H


I also offer movement, meditation and dance for those who have Special Educational Needs. My therapeutic sessions help to balance emotional well-being whilst improving health and fitness through movement and dance.

“Lisa’s dance helps me be more open and express what I feel which comes out in my dancing”. C.E. (student)
“Although dance is a wonderful form of exercise for the body, the true value for my daughter is the benefits it brings to her mind. Through regular sessions with Lisa she has the opportunity to release her emotions freely in a way she is unable to do through the spoken word. This physical freedom of expression provides clarity and a sense of peace which gives huge benefits for her emotional wellbeing.” Christine E. (parent)

If you wish to offer a Holistic Movement and Dance Space for adults with Special Needs please contact me for further information. I also hold a current DBS check and work part-time at the Lantern Community. www.lanterncommunity.org.uk

If are a group, festival, retreat or business wishing for me to hold a tailored conscious dance or trance dance workshop or would like to book a 1-1 session with me call 079000 65509 or email: seventhrayarts@live.co.uk or visit Instagram - rainbow_shaman