‘Healing Our Connection to Land & Heart Through Creativity, Expression & Dance’

Hi, I’m Lisa. I started Seventh Ray Arts in 2010, to explore healing and self-empowerment through using dance, movement, meditation, sound, creativity and expression to deepen body/mind connection, whilst including aspects to develop spirituality through honouring the native pathways used by our ancestors.

My passion is offering learning that motivates, uplifts, inspires and encourages growth and transformation through the tools of 7th Ray Dance©, my Power Stone Cards© and the power of Reiki & Meditation and Art.

My teaching also includes over 25 years of experience working with stress and body trauma which has arisen from my own path to healing. To find out more visit About Me.

Keep an eye on the website and my face-book pages for up and coming workshops, courses and Events offering you the chance to step into your truth and follow your own path to personal health and well-being.

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"There is a way from your heart to mine and my heart knows it because it is clean and pure like water. When the water is still like a mirror it can behold the moon" Rumi